Monopoly – Atlantic City

In celebration of Monopoly’s 85th anniversary we went back to the board game’s original location with the theme entitled “1935 – Atlantic City”. In this third theme for Marmalade’s Monopoly we wanted to give life to the board with the lights from the buildings, casinos and boardwalk. We first started adding more animations to lights and boats. The sea was also a big part of it, giving it a nice colour balance.

Experience a MONOPOLY board like no other. Take a stroll through the Art Deco and Modernist architecture that defined 1935 Atlantic City and the original game!

Every Monopoly theme is the result of teamwork, very often the same asset gets iterations from different artists. I’m showing here as I’ve been responsible for directing the 3D and tech art but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what each one did nor can I take full credit for it.

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