Monopoly – Snowdrop

The first additional theme for Monopoly was released at game’s launch and named “Snowdrop Valley”. For this one I was mostly responsible for putting everything together more than creating individual assets, so it was more about about placing the buildings, adding the roads, linking the assets and shaping the terrain for the city to make sense and creating scripts to control the different animations and effects.

Buy up a ski resort and build your winter holiday empire! Explore a world where the buying, selling and scheming of MONOPOLY happens beneath a magical snowy facade! Will your game venture off piste, or will you stick to your run? You decide.

Every Monopoly theme is the result of teamwork, very often the same asset gets iterations from different artists. I’m showing here as I’ve been responsible for directing the 3D and tech art but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what each one did nor can I take full credit for it.

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